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Virtual Simulation for Students

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Virtual simulations in Nursing are a type of clinical experience where interactions with patients are performed virtually on a computer or other digital learning environment, in ways that parallel real-world engagement. Virtual simulations provide students with a comprehensive and repeatable hands-on learning experience to practice assessment, diagnosis, and clinical procedures in a simulated space.

NextGen vSim® for Nursing

The most advanced virtual simulation experience for building clinical competence and confidence with realistic patient encounters and interactive communication.

Fundamentals Kim Johnson Simulation 1-301x188-9776a07.png

NextGen vSim® for Nursing Fundamentals
Item Number: 978-1-9751-9247-1
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Charles Jones Sim 2 Desktop-301x188-9776a07.png

NextGen vSim® for Nursing Advanced Medical-Surgical/Critical Care
Item Number: 978-1-9751-9788-9
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NextGen vSim® for Nursing Maternity and Pediatric
Item Number: 978-1-9751-9783-4
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Skjermbilde 2022-09-20 kl. 09.57.29.png

NextGen vSim® for Nursing Medical-Surgical
Item Number: 978-1-9751-9788-9
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NextGen vSim® for Nursing Pediatric
Item Number: 978-1-9751-9770-4
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NextGen vSim® for Nursing Maternity
Item number: 978-1-9751-9770-4
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NextGen vSim® for Nursing Pharmacology 
Item number: 978-1-9751-9813-8
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NextGen vSim® for Nursing Health Assessment
Item number: 978-1-9751-9846-6
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mental health.jpeg

NextGen vSim® for Nursing Mental Health
Item number: 978-1-9751-9819-0
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Original vSim® for Nursing: Enhanced Experience

The first-generation version of vSim for Nursing providing students with clinical experience through virtual simulation anywhere, anytime. 


vSim® for Nursing Maternity
Item Number: 978-1-9751-7581-8
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vSim_Mental Health-301x171-a15c23a.png

vSim® for Nursing Mental Health
Item Number: 978-1-9751-7593-1
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vSim® for Nursing Pharmacology
Item Number: 978-1-9751-7591-7
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vSim Pediatric-301x188-9776a07.png

vSim® for Nursing Pediatric
Item Number: 978-1-9751-7589-4
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vSim® for Nursing Gerontology
Item Number: 978-1-9751-7577-1
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vSim_Health Assessment-300x187-13036a6.png

vSim® for Nursing Health Assessment
Item Number: 978-1-9751-7579-5
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Kim Johnson Image 1-301x186-3a463dd.png

vSim® for Nursing LPN/LVN
Item Number: 978-1-9751-9007-1
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vSim® for Nursing Maternity and Pediatric
Item Number: 978-1-9751-7583-2
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