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CORE Debriefing

Enhance learning from training and real-life events

The importance of debriefing in simulation-based education to achieve positive learning outcomes has been well proven.

The CORE Debriefing workshop is a blended learning course, which comprises a one-day teaching session that can be delivered live at your site or virtually and is coupled with a complementary eCourse.

This course has been designed to support participants from protocol-driven organizations to learn how to deliver a person-centered debriefing and thereafter to apply this to the simulation activities that they currently deliver.

Short, practical and competency-based

Core Debriefing has been designed as an immersive workshop that allows the facilitation of real-world practice for those with novice to intermediate level debriefing skills. Taught by a skilled Laerdal educator with years of industry related debriefing experience in clinical settings you can expect:

  • Guided step-by-step instruction
  • Practical tips, tricks and solutions for successful debriefing
  • Proficiency in a standardized method of conducting debriefing

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