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Modular Skills Trainer

The practical, portable solution for skills practice​

16-in-1 portable solution for skills practice

Versatile. Portable. Comprehensive Training

Build competence in sixteen different clinical skills with the redesigned Modular Skills Trainer. Designed to fit the needs of today's nursing schools, students can practice individually or in groups to transition from beginner to skills mastery.

Available as part of the SimCapture for Skills with Modular Skills Trainer competence building solution, it effectively combines hands-on skills practice with efficient, digital assessment and evaluation tools to improve learning outcomes.

Practice a wide array of patient care skills:

• Nasogastric Tube Insertion

• Wound Care

• Tracheostomy Care

• Central Line Dressing Change

• Ostomy Care

• Urinary Catheterization & Enema

• Injections

• Intravenous Catheterization & Phlebotomy

• Suppositories (rectal & vaginal)

• Perineal Care

• Oxygen Therapy

• Nasal Swab

• G-tube Care