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A comprehensive software solution for the capture and management of healthcare simulation-based training


Because each simulation training set-up is unique,
SimCapture is scalable to meet your needs.

We can guide you in choosing the optimal level of solution to address your specific objectives and empower competence in any healthcare provider.


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Standardize and automate your clinical exams​

Stay in control as you prepare and manage Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCE) and high-stakes exams.​

SimCapture flexibly automates and digitalizes your clinical exam flow and evaluations in a customized way, while providing central management of multiple bays, rooms, and floors in a single control interface. It also enables team training and student-driven encounters (ideal for low-stakes OSCE, formative assessment, or training).

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Key features include:


Optimal scheduling & configuration of simulation encounters and exams​

  • Choose the convenience of a digital interface over the tedious process of manually preparing, transcribing, and loading your cases.
  • Peace of mind: get everything ready in advance.
  • Manage multiple bays, rooms, and floors from a single interface – see all rooms and control them at once.
  • Running a couple of minutes late or last-minute changes to student/SP are easy to navigate.

Automation of clinical exam flows​

  • Students sign into activities independently once they have been enrolled in the course. 
  • Computerized forms and checklist auto-load for the required activity.​
  • Announcements are automatic within the encounter. 

Customizable workflow​

  • The platform adapts to most OSCE exam flows across the globe – including regional/school specificities as well as supporting multiple exam flows. The software has been adapted based on feedback from partners running OSCEs in all parts of the world.

Critical data at your fingertips​

  • Immediate scoring against defined competency standards and metrics. Education becomes data-driven.​
  • Visualization from extrapolated data and point-biserial correlations enables faculty to identify poorly defined questions in the scenarios, refine them, and improve their patient cases.​
  • Video data and annotations support objectivity in evaluations.​
  • Data also contributes to ensuring inter-rater and intra-rater reliability, as well as faculty development.

Hosted in the cloud – enabling remote OSCE​

  • Scoring rubrics, student evaluations, and recordings are accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • SP evaluations, learner patient notes, and simulated EMR (Electronic Medical Record) documentation are integrated directly into the OSCE workflow for seamless debrief and reporting.
  • You don’t have to be in your sim center to run your sim center – run your exams on-site or remotely via the integrated hybrid setup. All the process is within SimCapture including the video conferencing tool for the remote OSCE. Learners and SPs can interact without requiring a 3rd party software or subscriptions.

Deliver consistent, high-quality simulation training

Give your learners the training opportunities and high-quality feedback they need while bringing efficiency to managing, recording, debriefing, and assessing simulations:​

  • On-site​
  • On the move​
  • In situ

SimCapture enables you to run sessions with all types of simulation equipment, from task trainers to simulators, in real clinical environments - while providing you immediate insights on the team and individuals’ performance, respectively.

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Key features include:


A uniform, repeatable structure for your scenarios to capture the data you need​

  • Assessments for formative and summative evaluations are standardized, enabling continuity in simulation program and experiences to be repeatable and equitable. ​
  • Assessment and evaluation metrics can be aligned with educational outcomes in the development of the scenario, which ultimately improves clinical competency.​
  • Annotations, evaluations, and self-reflections in easy-to-read dashboards help track and trend individual students as well as course outcomes.

Flexible recording options – without any compromise on quality​

  • Multiple camera angles and simulator data are captured and streamed from one or several simulation rooms at the same time.
  • In situ simulation sessions and transport cases can be captured with a mobile device for greater flexibility.
  • Debriefing is eased by video recording combined with an efficient system of predefined safety checklists and annotations. Customizations or additional checklists and annotations can be implemented at any time.​
  • Deletion options allow for hands- and worry-free video management.

Seamless integration features for a controlled environment​

  • SimCapture integrates with any simulator - and has a very advanced integration with LLEAP, making it easier to run sessions with your Laerdal simulators.
  • Sessions can be run in a real clinical environment / in real-life conditions, using simulated EMR (Electronic Medical Record) for documentation training purposes instead of real patient data – data can be edited and shared without risk of any confidentiality issues.​
  • Simulation is securely debriefed or streamed to any authenticated device during or afterward.

Versatile learning modalities​

  • Web-based platform accessible from anywhere so learners can watch scenarios as well as complete pre & post-evaluations.​
  • Peer-to-peer practice and self-recording assignments are supported by automated, timely, customizable feedback in support of best practice standards.​
  • In line with innovative teaching strategies, simulations can be done onsite, offsite, or in hybrid environment to expose learners to many diverse situations.

Record and debrief any simulation​

Debriefing is critical to simulation-based learning as it offers learners the opportunity to reflect on their performance and improve future training outcomes. With video-based feedback, they can think more clearly about what they did and why, absent the stress they may have experienced during the simulation itself.​

SimCapture is a digital solution that enables users to easily record and debrief any simulation – anywhere – providing the opportunity for enhanced feedback and training outcomes using video. ​

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Key features include:


Advanced audio and video options​

  • Video capture includes device inputs such as simulators and real medical environment technologies for a realistic experience.​
  • Integrated cameras streamline simulation management.​
  • Automatic audio sync from multiple camera feeds for optimized playback during debrief.
  • Recording modalities are flexible and support any session in your sim lab, in situ / on the move, or remotely.

Efficient debriefing features​

  • Pre-defined and free-text, customizable annotations enable instructors to prepare and focus on critical aspects of the simulation and what they want to assess.​
  • Moments in the recordings can be marked and annotated for review.​
  • Fully customizable debrief view.

Intuitive to use – whether you’re a novice or simulation “pro”​

  • Simple and clear controls: easy to start, stop, and play recordings.​
  • Recordings are available for playback immediately.​
  • Annotations are clickable; users can easily scrub through a recording to focus on a specific point in time.​
  • Faculty can watch recordings from anywhere.​
  • Recordings are easily and securely shared with individual students on or off campus.

Get insights on learners’ performance​

Meaningful data has the power to transform learning outcomes. It provides valuable insights into the performance and progression of trainees over time and helps you identify those in need of remediation. This data plays a critical role in the successful implementation of competency-based education, focusing on mastering specific skills or knowledge areas at each trainee's own pace.

Discover how the data produced by SimCapture helps ensure trainees develop into proficient healthcare providers. 

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Key features include:


Customizable assessments and evaluation metrics​

  • When developing the scenario, the instructor defines metrics in alignment with targeted educational outcomes and curriculum.​
  • Evaluated competences can weigh differently based on a coefficient system.​

Easy-to-read dashboards at individuals and cohort’s level​

  • Performance is instantly uploaded and evaluated against defined competency standards and metrics to objectively measure essential clinical competencies.​
  • All-in-one system collecting, organizing, and tracking data. ​
  • Instructors can easily identify how individuals and cohorts are performing, where the gaps are, and who needs remediation.​
  • Possibility to deep dive into a course and specific competencies while comparing results among the cohort.​
  • Statistics and trends on learner progress and program performance help you make data-driven decisions to improve program outcomes.  ​

Scores and feedback are available for students

  • Learners have their own SimCapture account to interact with content assigned or released to them, including:​
    • Past sessions
    • Calendar events and enrollment opportunities
    • Self or peer evaluations
    • Scores and performance reports
  • SimCapture supports peer-to-peer practice – learners self-reflect, debrief, and evaluate their own sessions with access to detailed reports.

Encourage peer-to-peer and individual simulation practice​

An educator’s time is a precious resource. Ensure it is dedicated to meaningful student encounters. ​

With its simple mobile interface, SimCapture offers your students the possibility to repeatedly train and assess on fundamental skills by themselves or with a peer – saving you time and resources. Instructors can track their progression and verify competency with robust data reporting.​

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Key features include:


Empowering self-recording and peer-to-peer features​

  • Students can use their own mobile device to record their skills practice and send it over to their instructor for assessment and evaluation.​
  • Peer-to-peer practice is enabled through a user-friendly interface and checklists.​

Digital resources for more flexibility and efficiency​

  • No more paper checklists - improve efficiency with assessment and evaluation tools in the palm of your hand.​
  • Instructions, checklists, pre- and post-evaluations as well as videos are digitally available for students.

Skills practice turned into insights​

  • Students receive immediate feedback from the interface.​
  • All data is automatically captured and arranged into useful reports for learning needs analysis - making it easier for faculty to track learner progress over time and to view/compare cohorts and courses.​

Streamline sim center management and boost ROI​

Optimize operational management of your resources – equipment, rooms, faculty, learners. SimCapture helps reducing the administrative burden and creates opportunity for more collaboration.​

SimCapture also enables you to quickly and accurately:​

  • Justify your investment.​
  • Oversee ongoing funding requirements.​
  • Demonstrate ROI to the rest of your organization.​
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Key features include:


Next-level collaboration features​

  • Activity logging in the Scenario Builder gives a quick overview of the contributors in the development of the scenarios​.​
  • Scenarios and sessions are sharable with other faculty, staff, and administrators – for better communication and higher efficiency.​​

Simplified administration​

  • Ability to manage users and roles in the system.​
  • Sim lab users are directed and tracked through SimCapture center sign-in functionality - keeps your administrative workload low.​
  • Instructors have access to a room overview.​
  • Administrators choose whether instructors can schedule their own sessions in the interface or mandate a request and approval process.​​​

Monitoring of all performance metrics of on-site and remote activities​

  • Instant access to users, standardized patients, simulators, rooms, clinical equipment, and center utilization tracking.​
  • Filter by organization, date range, room, location, simulator, and more to create hundreds of insightful reports for your learners, faculty, and dean.​
  • Hours in center, center resources, and simulator usage data help demonstrate utilization for budgeting and accreditation purposes (i.e. SSH accreditation).​
  • Easy-to-use navigation– all data available with only a few clicks of a mouse.​
  • All center usage data can be sorted, exported, and shared in various, digital formats.


SimCapture Solution

A comprehensive cloud-based solution for managing, recording, assessing and debriefing simulation-based training. Designed to support simulation-based education and help healthcare institutions in their mission to develop competent and confident healthcare providers. 

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We will handle your personal contact details with care as outlined in Laerdal's Privacy Policy.