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Work In India

Work in India

We work out of several locations in India with primary locations in Bangalore and Mumbai.

Laerdal Bangalore is our software solutions hub. We deliver, manage, and operate our Learning Technology Infrastructure on a global scale and executing large scale infrastructure projects for some of our major partners. We also do exciting work in the areas of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and 3D animation as well as provide software engineering support for content development and mobile applications to our product development teams in Copenhagen and Stavanger.


Mumbai is the heart of our India operations and sales teams. Apart from being the hub for the sales team in Western India, all industrial design and development, finance, program implementation, and marketing functions are also based out of Mumbai. Having all the teams under a common roof allows us to work collaboratively, not just for design and development activities, but also for all the other projects that we do.

We could not achieve our mission in India without working very closely with partners across the country. This means we work both with our profit as well as not-for-profit solutions on numerous projects with governmental and private organizations.

Laerdal - burza mózgów

Diverse backgrounds with a common goal

Our teams consist of people from different backgrounds – we have a doctor, an ex-diplomat, an architect, a photographer and an organic farmer – all under the same roof. This provides us with unique perspectives and leads us towards our mission-focused solutions.

About Mumbai

  • New York is not the only “city that never sleeps” . . . it’s also Mumbai
  • Mumbai is the commercial capital of India
  • Mumbai has a coastline of 150 kilometers
  • Mumbai had the first train in India in 1853. Now Mumbai railways carry 2.5 billion passengers every year
  • Hub of the Indian film industry

About Bangalore

  • Bangalore has the highest percentage of engineers in the world
  • 1 million IT professionals live in Bangalore
  • Considered to be the start-up capital of India
  • It is also considered the Silicon Valley of India
  • 86% literacy rate
  • More than 40% of the landscape is gardens and parks

We offer

Oportunidades de desarrollo
Creemos que nuestros empleados poseen su propio desarrollo. Como empresa, enfatizamos un enfoque práctico y combinado de las actividades de aprendizaje para satisfacer mejor las necesidades individuales identificadas y las direcciones estratégicas.


Compensación y beneficios
Ofrecemos compensaciones justas, basadas en la posición y orientadas al mercado local. Nuestras políticas y beneficios se basan en los estándares de las prácticas locales.

Beneficios de bienestar
Sabemos que solo te rindes tan bien como te sientes. Por eso ofrecemos una variedad de actividades de salud y bienestar para mantener su cuerpo y mente en forma.

Equilibrio entre la vida laboral y personal
Entendemos que un buen equilibrio entre la vida laboral y personal es esencial para el bienestar. Un ambiente amigable para la familia, un lugar de trabajo saludable, oportunidades de participación comunitaria, flexibilidad, entre otras iniciativas contribuyen al bienestar de nuestros empleados.

Sea parte de un lugar reconocido por el trabajo que hacemos, desde prestigiosos premios de diseño hasta reconocimiento de medios hasta el premio Business for Peace, Laerdal se enorgullece del reconocimiento que recibimos.

Siddhartha at Laerdal
"After six years of working with Laerdal in India, there’s one thing that I hold most dear and that is the people I work with – all driven by our mission of helping save lives. Moreover, sharing ideas and working collaboratively with my design teams in Norway, Denmark, and the USA has helped me learn new skills and stay up to date with the latest in my field. Also, my work takes me across the world for field research and product testing and this has helped me develop close empathy with the end users of our products and build strong relationships outside the organization as well."

Siddhartha Joshi
Product Design Manager, Product Design India