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Simulation training for COVID-19 readiness webinar series

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The COVID-19 crisis has affected all areas of the world, and frontline health workers are struggling to keep pace with the outbreak. To help you plan and prepare for the impact, register for a live or on-demand recording of this webinar series.

The series consists of three webinars, and aims to provide complimentary, simple, and reliable information on how to train using the free simulation scenarios we are providing.

The scenarios are designed to improve team preparedness for safely and confidently treating coronavirus patients. They support the practice of core skills from the protection of healthcare personnel, assessment of suspected COVID-19, severe infection to more advanced respiratory intervention.

Webinars in this simulation training for COVID-19 readiness series cover scenarios for:

Protection of personnel working on suspected COVID-19 cases

During the webinar, one of Laerdal’s lead Education Specialists demonstrates and shares the scenario to afford you easy execution. The scenario is designed to help you test and improve your systems for infection control, PPE, and management of exposure to COVID-19 or any other high risk communicable respiratory illness.

Find the complimentary COVID-19 scenarios

Scenario documentation published by EM Sim Cases

Management of a severe acute respiratory infection due to COVID-19

This scenario addresses key interventions for the preparation, identification, treatment and triage of the patient with chronic disease and severe acute respiratory infection (SARI) due to COVID-19 disease.

During the webinar we will:

  • Review the Severe COVID-19 Infection (SARI) simulation scenario
  • Understand how to run and operate the scenario using LLEAP and SimPad
  • Provide helpful and practical advice for you to utilise the scenarios

How to use scenarios to simulate invasive care and the management of a ventilated patient due to COVID-19

Help prepare your team to develop clinical knowledge, competence, and confidence to manage severe cases of a patient suffering from COVID-19 using the ASL 5000™ Lung Solution.

Learn to use 3 free scenarios developed in collaboration with Ingmar Medical, that can be run as an individual scenario or back to back in series. The scenarios focus on key decisions regarding the care and management of:

  • A patient who continues to deteriorate on noninvasive treatments
  • A ventilated patient with desynchrony caused by their respiratory drive
  • A sedated and paralyzed patient on a ventilator with a high CO2 level

Find the complimentary COVID-19 scenarios

Developed by Laerdal and IngMar Medical