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Sustainability report

Motivated by helping save lives

Committed to Carbon Neutral, Circular solutions, and UNGP adherence throughout Laerdal's business and supply chain by 2030.

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 Helping save lives

We are committed to achieving our goal of helping save one million more lives and doing so in a sustainable manner.

 A vision with action 

Based on the company mission and vision we have set bold sustainability goals for 2030 with clear actions year by year to assure delivery. 

 Measure to improve

All direct and indirect emissions generated as a result of our economic activity across the three emission scopes are measured in a proven, methodical manner. 



 Carbon neutral

Achieve a 70% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030. Across; facilities, transport and travel, and supply chain. 
Offset any residual emissions.

 Circular solutions

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 
Design sustainability into new products, solutions, and sales models. We aim to use circular materials throughout the value chain. 

 Social responsibility

Implement UNGP and OECD guidelines throughout our supply chain and cascade to the next level from the largest suppliers.

2021 Carbon Emission Update

Laerdal is committed to playing our part in a more sustainable future for all.  Our mission of helping save lives, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals have defined our pathway toward delivering innovative, lifesaving products and solutions while ensuring that we improve our environmental and social footprint. Sustainability is an important part of everything that we do. A full Sustainability Update with all aspects on sustainability will be coming soon. 

Climate Accounting Emission Developments 2019 - 2021(ton CO2e)

Figure 2 for 2021 update.jpg

Laerdal is measuring all aspects of emission in all parts of the organization. The emission numbers include scope 1, 2 and 3. 
Even though several important emission reduction initiatives have been taken, we have seen an increase in our absolute emissions due to;

  • Increases in business. Compared to the 2019 baseline, business has increased by 30% and emissions 15%.
  • Increase in emissions due to Covid19 pandemic disruptions and increase in unplanned air shipments.
  • Important improvements to materials are concluded but not yet reflected in present sales and emission numbers. This work will be further strengthened by the detailed Life Cycle Assessment conducted on our most important products
In relative numbers, we see that carbon emission has increased by 15% while the business has grown by 30% from 2019 - 2021

Figure 3 for 2021 update.png







“If we can create value to the society at large, and do our job well, satisfactory economic results will follow – and allow us to build a stronger company with time.”

- Åsmund S. Lærdal