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Herramienta gratuita de capacitación en línea: Aprendizaje de habilidades para combatir el COVID-19

Utilice la simulación entre pares para el aprendizaje de habilidades usando cualquier dispositivo móvil

The COVID-19 skill training for mobile devices is a free tool that allows healthcare workers to conduct efficient, fast, and engaging training for COVID-19 preparedness. At a time when resources are stretched and demands upon staff are increasing, peer-to-peer learning offers health care workers the opportunity to take advantage of a valuable resource – each other. 

This mobile webpage contains scenarios for training in donning PPE, doffing PPE, specimen sampling, and management of anaphylaxis following COVID-19 vaccination. It runs in any browser on any mobile device, and there is no installation or registration required. Simply open the link on your mobile device, select your country, choose your desired scenario, and start training with your peer. It’s that easy.

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