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[Webinar nach Bedarf] Verwendung der Szenarien zur Simulation der Invasivversorgung und des Managements eines beatmeten Patienten mit COVID-19

On-Demand Webinar

How to use scenarios to simulate invasive care and the management of a ventilated patient due to COVID-19

Help prepare your team to develop clinical knowledge, competence, and confidence to manage severe cases of a patient suffering from COVID-19 using the ASL 5000™ Lung Solution.

Learn to use 3 free scenarios developed in collaboration with Ingmar Medical, that can be run as an individual scenario or back to back in series. The scenarios focus on key decisions regarding the care and management of:

  • A patient who continues to deteriorate on noninvasive treatments
  • A ventilated patient with desynchrony caused by their respiratory drive
  • A sedated and paralyzed patient on a ventilator with a high CO2 level

Developed by Laerdal and IngMar Medical