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Virtual Demo: Simulação Remota para aprendizado individual com vSim

Virtual Demo

Remote Simulation for Independent Learning with vSim for Nursing

In response to the growing number of institutions moving to learning online to limit the spread of COVID-19, Laerdal has virtual demos and webinars available to show how vSim for Nursing helps support students’ clinical preparedness using an online environment.

vSim for Nursing provides flexible and scalable, self-directed learning solutions that guide learners through complete courses of study by facilitating knowledge acquisition and enhancement of skills in a progressive manner that helps build competence and confidence. Case scenarios, simulations, automated debriefing, remediation, and rich educational content enables students to develop clinical reasoning skills, competence, and confidence as they care for the patient in an online environment. Nursing education when and where you need it.

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Lidaremos com seus dados de contato pessoal com cuidado conforme descrito na Política de Privacidade da Laerdal.