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Trabalhar na Noruega

Work in Norway

Since 1940, the Laerdal headquarters has been located in Stavanger, Norway. Working at our headquarters means being in the heart of what we do. Here, close to 500 people work together on every aspect of development from first concepts, through to the final production of our most advanced simulators.


Everything we do is in close collaboration with our end-users: Nurses, paramedics, doctors, medical instructors, and researchers all provide valuable insights to help us improve our solutions. In fact, we have vast access to healthcare professionals via the on-site simulation center, SAFER (Stavanger Acute medicine Foundation for Education and Research). SAFER is a not-for-profit simulation center that delivers more than 15 000 on-site and in-situ simulation training days a year.

At our headquarters, our colleagues are an energetic group from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds from 40 different countries. Since nearly 25% of the employees at our Stavanger office are not Norwegian, our corporate language is English.

Utstein Abbey

Where experts come together

Stavanger is home to the Utstein Abbey which is a location that has become synonymous with the establishment of the Global Resuscitation Alliance, a consortium of researchers, experts, and leaders in the field of resuscitation from around the world. This alliance focuses on identifying and implementing best practices to increase survival from cardiac arrest.​

Laerdal drone shoot Stavanger

About Stavanger

  • Surrounded by the beautiful Norwegian coastline
  • A world-class food, drink and fine dining experience
  • Hiking, skiing, mountain biking, boating, and more available at the city's doorstep
  • UNESCO protected landmarks of Pulpit Rock and Lysefjord attract hundreds of thousands of visitor each year

Chamada a todos os estudantes e recém-formados!

Chamada a todos os estudantes e recém-formados!

Procurando estágio? Ou um parceiro no setor para seu projeto?

Colaboramos com algumas das melhores instituições educacionais nas áreas de design e tecnologia. Temos vagas de estágio na maior parte das disciplinas de desenvolvimento de produtos e estamos sempre trabalhando com alunos em projetos e dissertações de mestrado.

Se você achar que a Laerdal é o parceiro perfeito para seu próximo projeto ou estágio, não deixe de candidatar-se ou sugerir seu projeto.

Phoung working at Laerdal
"I am thrilled that Laerdal is so open to Service Design methodologies, which means I'm able to experience our products and services as an end-user through observation and immersion. This way we can improve our products based on real problems and not assumptions."

Phuong Nguyen
Senior Service Designer, Community Responders Team