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Trabalhar no México

Work in Mexico

Founded in 2006, Laerdal Monterrey Manufacturing specializes roto, silicone injection, and foam molding. Laerdal Monterrey employs more than 120 people at the manufacturing site. Monterrey is a cosmopolitan, commercial center for many international corporations. 

Laerdal medical Monterrey

Monterrey has a highly ranked medical infrastructure and hospitals, with healthcare standards above the average in Mexico. The University of Monterrey is a private institution of higher learning and boasts it’s own an on-site clinical simulation laboratory with nine simulation rooms monitored by Gesell cameras and six of the latest generation Laerdal simulators, as well as other lower fidelity simulators for the training of medical skills and abilities.

German at Laerdal Medical
“I am grateful for the opportunities Laerdal provides for growth and development. I started as a Roto Molding Operator then I worked as a Warehouse Auxiliary Manager and currently as a Planner. I think our continuous improvement projects are tangible in the day-to-day activities that we do at Laerdal Monterrey.”

German Avila
Planner, SC&M Materials & Planning

Monterrey city

About Monterrey

  • Monterrey is 3rd largest metropolitan center
  • 9th largest city in Mexico
  • Monterrey is one of the wealthiest, and warmest, cities in Mexico