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Work in Copenhagen, Denmark

Located in the heart of the Danish capital, Laerdal Copenhagen is the center of excellence for Laerdal’s digital learning solutions. The Copenhagen site is located in Islands Brygge, at the harbor close to the city center. The harbor is used for a good swim in the summer - and winter.

With a unique mix of talents - ranging from medical doctors and instructional designers to software engineers and talents from the video game industry - we work with international partners to develop cutting edge e-learning products to help train healthcare professionals, as well as laypeople.

Laerdal Denmark Office

Our Copenhagen team works in an iterative way, testing and revising every step of the way. We work in both teams and individually, in cross-disciplinary units, in workshops, with colleagues and partners across the entire organization.

Creating successful educational solutions

Creating successful educational solutions

Our end users are in the center of all we do. We involve them in every phase of our work and start the development of any solution with user empathy, challenging assumptions, and curiosity. Creating successful educational solutions requires new ways of thinking and of working – and it calls for innovative solutions to new challenges.

About Copenhagen

  • Largest city in Scandinavia
  • Considered one of the safest cities in the world
  • Considered to be the happiest people in the world
  • Rated the top city for cyclists – more than half of people cycle to work every day
  • Danish flag is the oldest in the world (1219)
Andrea at Laerdal
"I have intelligent and creative colleagues here, who I really enjoy working with. I have had so many different tasks and I love working across disciplines in the fields of design, communication, and software development. There is a shared understanding that we should actively avoid silos. My job is about understanding other peoples needs and help creating products with full accessibility, I couldn’t get a more meaningful job."

Andrea Østmo da Costa
Design Lead, eSimulation




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