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Work in Washington D.C.

Work at Laerdal Labs D.C.

At Laerdal Labs D.C. we help achieve our mission of helping save one million lives every year by delivering innovative digital-first solutions that bridge the ed-tech and health-tech industries in both simulated and live clinical care environments.

The D.C. office is home to SimCapture, the first fully cloud-based simulation training software on the market. SimCapture is used in over 600 healthcare institutions across 35 countries. Our software is used to train students and medical professionals through all stages of learning. Today we are using our expertise and technology to expand to other segments of healthcare and education.


We find great value in our diverse team of talents. With a flat structure and a startup culture, our employees have the flexibility and freedom to frame projects and make a real impact in the world.

Laerdal Labs D.C.

For nearly a decade Laerdal Labs D.C. has been located right off DuPont Circle in Northwest D.C. Seconds from 4 metro lines, we are just a short walk to our nation's most famous monuments.

At one of Dupont Circle's many great restaurants, you can enjoy fun and tasty team lunches.

Building the future of medical simulation

We are not exactly a startup, but we are not corporate either. We're engineering-driven from the top down, and will do what it takes to deliver the best solutions in the industry. We can’t achieve our ambitious goals without a strong commitment to innovation and pushing boundaries – and we wouldn’t be the industry leader and innovator we are today without the unique mix of talents that our D.C. office consists of.

Our engineering teams work on real-time video machine learning, predictive analytics, robotics integrations, and are always pushing for smaller and more efficient video encoders.

Our process – Our tech

What you will be working on

Our process

We have a very fun, flexible, and relaxed environment. Our team owns the entire development process - from inception/design, platform development, product/app development, cloudOps, and pricing. We're engineering-driven from the top down and let our engineers “own” features they’re working on and build them from top-to-bottom.

Our engineers also own the development process, leading to a highly effective hybrid-remote environment, where most of the team only has 1 day of meetings every 2 weeks.

Our tech stack

Our SimCapture Cloud solution is powered by the first fully cloud-based simulation LMS on the market. This multi-tenant, micro-service-based architecture allows us to utilize the most modern of stacks while being flexible enough to use the best tools and languages for each task.

The extensibility of our platform allows our product and application teams to build the most innovative web and mobile-based solutions on the market.

Our unique field

We got our start by developing the first web-based medical simulation Learning Management System (LMS) and are best known for our multi-channel video processing. We get to develop a lot of other next-generation technology. We have teams working on real-time video machine learning, predictive analytics, and are always pushing for smaller and more efficient video encoders.

Not only do we get to design, build, and deploy some of the most innovative cloud solutions on the market - we also get to design our own video encoders, signal processors, and work with the most advanced medical simulation robotics in the industry.

Gelegenheiten zur Weiterentwicklung
Wir glauben, dass unsere Mitarbeiter ihre eigene Weiterentwicklung selbst in der Hand haben. Als Unternehmen pflegen wir einen praktischen und integrierten Ansatz beim Thema Weiterbildung, um individuelle Bedürfnisse und strategische Richtungsvorgaben optimal zu kombinieren.


Vergütung und Leistungen
Wir bieten eine faire Vergütung, die sich an der Position und dem lokalen Markt orientiert. Unsere Grundsätze und Leistungen entsprechen den örtlichen Standards.

Leistungen für das Wohlbefinden
Wir wissen, dass Sie sich gut fühlen müssen, um eine gute Leistung zu bringen. Darum bieten wir eine Vielzahl von Aktivitäten aus den Bereichen Gesundheit und Wellness, damit Körper und Geist unserer Mitarbeiter in Form bleiben.

Wir wissen, dass eine gute Work-Life-Balance für das Wohlbefinden unerlässlich ist. Eine familienfreundliche Umgebung, ein angenehmer Arbeitsplatz, Möglichkeiten zum Engagement in der Gemeinschaft, Flexibilität und andere Initiativen tragen zum Wohlbefinden unserer Mitarbeiter bei.

Preisgekrönte Lösungen
Werden Sie Teil einer Gruppe, deren Arbeit weithin anerkannt ist – von renommierten Designpreisen über Medienberichterstattung bis hin zum Business for Peace Award. Laerdal ist stolz auf die Anerkennung, die wir erhalten.